One year Blogging Anniversary!

WOW! It’s all I can say when I think about this blogging milestone. This last year has been another adventure, amongst many. So much has changed just in a year’s time…..Baby is no longer in my belly (in fact, she’s going on 10 months). The father of my youngest son, well he and I are way more than cordial, with one another. I’ll go as far as saying, we’re back to being friends (and not hanky panky friends!). We’ve been talking on the phone, joking around and he’s not resisting our move to Texas (which I’m most appreciative of). As for those older two children of mines, well they’re growing up and becoming more complicated by the day. But this is who they are and they’re just doing their jobs. In the words of my paw, “They keep you young!” Gotta LOVE them for that!

So it’s my one year anniversary blog and it’s  also my very first WordPress blog. I just recently switched to WordPress because I had a chick (she has children with my oldest daughter’s sperm donor) stalking my blog on the other site, and because I am such an open book (and the law has gotten involved) I figured it’d be best to switch blog sites. I have so much in the works and I don’t want those two lunatics reading about any of it on my blog, seeing that I tell and talk about EVERYTHING on here! So my thing is this, there’s nothing better than authentic and truthfulness. You are who you are, and you should make no apologies for it. There are Blessings and Wisdom in every situation, it’s up to you to find them (my 1st LOVE, Freedom, just relayed that to me….now it’s my tagline). We’ve all done things that we’re not necessarily proud of, but sharing that just may save someone else from going through it. You never know!  Truth is truth, no matter what! Sometimes it’s embarassing, it hurts, it cuts real deep and most times it’s seen as very ugly….but still, it’s TRUTH! In the end, it’s real and it’s more than beautiful.

There’s nothing off-limits with me (I do reserve some things from my children….a few of them are still so pure) I’m an open book. I’m this way with my life and the lessons that I’ve learned because I’m a lover of people…..and I’d love nothing more than to see everyone escape from some of the insanity, while on their way to happiness!

So as I celebrate the close of my 1st year in the blogging world, I ask that you raise whatever it is that you’re drinking, up high and continue alongside me as I delve further into the adventure of life….most importantly, parenting….single-handedly! (SALUTE!)

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One response to “One year Blogging Anniversary!

  1. Sharlynn Cannady

    Thank you for sharing! Your blogs can help people in with different situation in their lives! You keep doing what you are doing!!

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