The Diaper Switch!

It’s official! I can hardly believe that I did it, but I did! I’ve officially made the switch from my longtime brand of disposable diapers to another brand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I’ve been a mother for more than fourteen years now, and the only brand of diapers that I’ve EVER bought, for any of my children, were the Pampers brand. They’re all that I’ve ever known, even before I became a mother. All I’ve ever seen  my family and friends  use with their babies were Pampers, so when my children started coming, there was no question that I was going to be a Pamper mom, too. I just preferred to use what I was already familiar with, and that was Pampers. Admittedly, with my three oldest children, I never had a single issue concerning Pampers. In fact, I was such a Pampers advocate that one would’ve thought I owned an interest in the company.

Before little Zayah, came along nine months ago, I hadn’t bought any diapers in over six years. So it’s been a pretty decent stretch of time since I was last involved with the Pampers brand. Once the diaper relationship was rekindled, the first thing that I noticed about the Pampers diapers is that they’re so new and improved! The actual diaper was thinner, but the packaging promised that they were two times drier and that wetness would be locked away! Well, that’s not what I got when I started back using Pampers. Almost immediately, I noticed that Zayah’s little clothes were aways damp around the bottom area. I figured maybe I needed to change her more often. Even with my changing her more frequently, there were still several occasions when someone thought she needed changing because her bottom was damp. After an extended period of monitoring her in the Pampers diapers, and using a different brand of diaper, I was able to conclude that Pampers were no longer my diaper of choice. They weren’t the same Pampers that I’d used with my other three children. Baby Zayah always felt damp, and I was buying bags of Pampers like crazy, due to the constant diaper changing!

For the very first time, I purchased a box of Huggies Snug & Dry disposable diapers!                                                                                              I received several boxes of these at the baby shower and from Zayah’s godmother, so I used them to compare to Pampers. During the trial period,  not once were Zayah’s clothes damplike, when she’s had on HUGGIES diapers! I’ve been so impressed with this brand of diaper, that I just may become their advocate now!  I never thought that I’d ever say this, but it’s been four babies and fourteen years later, and  I just made the switch! I’ve  become a HUGGIES mom! =)

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