Court Questions My Blogging

I went to court the other day and was involved in the first THREE cases that were called before the bench! Two weeks prior, I’d gone before a judge and requested two PPO’s, against two individuals who want to remain relevant in my life, by what seems like any means necessary. But any who, the judge granted both of those PPO’s on my behalf. Well the two individuals requested that the PPO’s be terminated, which explains how I ended up back in court this past Thursday.                                 Well, this different judge kept one PPO in effect, while terminating the other one. Her reasoning for terminating the latter is because of “lack of evidence”. Well I guess someone stalking your residence and threatening to cause you and everyone (including their child) harm, is considered “lack of evidence”. Well, it is what it is! I’m NOT, nor have I EVER been worried. I just always make sure I have my ducks in a legal row.  So here comes the good part. The third case, which I was unaware of, was the individual (whom I’ve already had two other PPO’s against) asking the court to grant him a PPO against me. HILARIOUS! This was a complete waste of the court’s time, seeing that the only time that I know that this individual exists is when he drives back and forth, up and down my street (STALKING!) or drags me back and forth to family court. Let me explain how much of a non factor this dude is, if he were to walk past me on the street, or any other place, I wouldn’t even know who he was without having to give it some thought. Never once, on any given day, does a single thought about him enter my mind. That ‘s how irrelevant this whack-o is! Any who. So the sitting magistrate/judge, whatever she was, questioned my blogging about what goes on in my personal life, once he showed her a printout of a blog that I’d written almost a year ago, about his being a pathetic deadbeat (which is absolutely true and can be proven). She asked, “why are you writing about your life and putting pictures of your children on the internet?” My response, “Ma’am I am a blogger! I write about everything that goes on in my life!” “But why? What for?” She asked. “Because I’m an open book and this contributes to my livelihood and the livelihood of my children.” “Well how do you get paid from it?” She asked. “I have big name advertisers who pay to advertise on my website. I also have a nice size following, which also generates income.” Her response, “Oh. Well I see no need in ordering a PPO to be issued against Ms. Dyson. You’re done for today.” Truthfully, she just wanted to know how to get into blogging, I bet (wink). It won’t be long before I run across her vacation flicks posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB! =)

My blogging had absolutely nothing to do with the matters brought before the court, but I know that she took it into consideration in the case, where the PPO was terminated. All I have to say to that is, I’ll continue to write about whatever and whomever I choose, particularly when it’s having any type of effect on my life or on my children lives. I won’t ever post any untruths, exaggerations or unsupported information. This is America, and FREEDOM of speech is one of the best things that we have going for our country!

Instead of questioning the integrity of a single mother, who does her job as sole provider exceptionally well, ask  more questions pertaining to the case. Had she took the time to look into the history of this pathological liar, she would’ve seen the numerous PPO’s already ordered against him, the domestic complaints, the misdemeanor and felonious riddled past….but, as I stated earlier….it is what it is! Blogging is one of my jobs and I think I do it fairly well….wish I could say the same about this magistrate/judge, whose name the courtroom deputy didn’t even know.

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