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Homeschooling: End of Week Numero Uno!

Still trying to figure out who signed me up for this! Upon arriving at my new home in Texas, I had NO IDEA that I’d be solely teaching my youngest son his academic curriculum this school year. This was so UNEXPECTED, yet it was so necessary. After being in school for less than a week, my youngest son’s teacher called me to set up a meeting, in regards to his academics. I was expecting to be told that my son is a lazy reader, and that he’d be receiving additional help in that particular area. What I wasn’t expecting was to be told that he needed to be placed back in the second grade.

As one whose deeply involved in the educational system, I would have never drawn these conclusions after having a child in my classroom, for such a short period of time. Instead of hitting the parent with such devastating news, I would have first notified the parent that I see “potential academic problems” and then made several suggestions. I would have asked for constant reinforcement of the daily lessons,  I would have provided material where I felt the student could use strengthening. I would have informed the parent that the state test is held at the last of November and before then we could conduct our own test and from there make “our” OWN decision as far as academics are concerned. My first suggestion wouldn’t be to put the child back in the previous grade.

After pondering over their recommendation, I decided that my son would be better educated this school year in our home. I officially withdrew him from the school and today ends our fifth day of home instruction. So far so good.

I now have a point to prove. Next year when I go enroll him back in the same school, I’ll be sure to have them test him first because he’ll definitely be far more advanced than their fourth graders! Can you say, “eight year old fifth grader”?

Although homeschooling was not in any of my plans, it’s something that I must do. It’s just another one of the many sacrifices that us, Mothers/Parents are faced with on a constant and daily basis.

The point of this post really is to remind parents that no one knows your child/ren better than you. You don’t have to allow anyone to force you to put your child into their little well labeled stereotypical boxes, and then that’ll just be it. You as the parent have the final say so, and you’re always going to do what’s the absolute best for them. Don’t allow anyone (especially these textbook teachers) to have you second guessing what your instincts tell you.

Look for weekly updates on our homeschooling adventures! =)



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Sometimes being Selfish is necessary

PEACE and Serenity

When it came to making the decision to transport my children from Michigan down to Houston, I had absolutely no doubt that I was making the best decision for them and myself. I did take into consideration the fact that we would be far away from all of our family and friends, and all that we’ve ever known. In order to come to grips with the idea of relocating, it was necessary for me to take off my “Mariann” hat and jump into “Mommy” mode. In the end, the pros of moving overwhelmingly outweighed the cons of staying put in Detroit. It was absolutely a NO BRAINER! Instead of doing what would be easier, less messy and more convenient, I opted to place the well-being of my children ahead of all else, and moving became my official number one, atop my neverending list of things to do.

Littlefield was the only permanent address that I ever had in Michigan. It was the home, block and neighborhood where my brother and I grew up. It was the house where I bought all four of my children to from the hospital. It’s the place where my only friends reside. Detroit is where I left someone, who I could’ve seen myself possibly being with for the rest of this life (that’s huge for this self-dubbed loner). I sacrificed all that I’m comfortable and familiar with, because that’s what a mother does.

We’ve been here for three weeks and it’s been the best consistent three weeks that I’ve known in a long time. It’s been filled with a calm, peace, easy breathing, grounding, relaxation and happiness. My decision has caused lots of tears (mainly happy ones!) to be shed and I’ve even been referred to as being “selfish”, admittedly that one had been bothering me, that is until I came to grips with the fact that it’s okay and sometimes even necessary to be selfish, especially when you’re doing it for all the right reasons!


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