Writing Hiatus….Over!


alas the self-inflicted torture of not being allowed to write is finally over and done with! Whew! My consistent readers and blog followers may have noticed my absence from the blogging world, these last few weeks, and I promise not to leave you again. Well, I went on a hiatus from writing because I’d gotten to the point where I was unfocused and I started taking it for granted. My attitude towards my gift of writing became extremely lackluster, and as a result my writing become monotone, mediocre and inconsistent. I needed time to miss it so that I could in return, begin to respect and appreciate it….again!

Opportune Day!

I chose today as my day of re-entry to the world of writing because it also marks the 35th year of my original birth. Today is the day of my initial birth, as well as my rebirth. It’s the day that I start utilizing and taking advantage of the gifts given to me. Today is the day that I start implementing the balance between being Mariann and being the mommy.  It’s the day that I stop allowing my past bad choices to hold me hostage! Today is the day that I get over it, and move on! It’s the day that I stop over thinking and over-analyzing every situation. I’m in the “second quarter” of my life and I have a huge gap to close before I reach “half time”. Today is the day that I begin enjoying all that I’ve accomplished thus far. It’s today that I’ll begin appreciating where I am, and where I’m soon to go!

….so Thankful for another chance, at getting it right!






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2 responses to “Writing Hiatus….Over!

  1. Sulena

    Good for you 4writermom and Happy Birthday. Always remember to start your day with GOD he will guide and direct you if you ask him to. He’s everything you need!! Love El

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