Who Needs Condoms?

I’ve only been a mother for fifteen years (well almost!) and I don’t think its anywhere near time for me to have the sex/condom talk with my oldest son! I mean, he’s still a child for goodness sake! Well, according to one of my girlfriends, she thinks that it has surpassed the time to have “the talk” with him! She believes that I’m way too late for having the initial talk, but that I need to talk to him about protecting himself from this point onwards. She also says that if I don’t want any grandchildren, then I also need to personally supply him with condoms! WHAT?!? When she told me that I became completely flabbergasted! I don’t know, but writing this even now has caused my heart to accelerate just a wee bit, and I’m sure my eyes are ready to pop right out of my head! I’m now sure if I’m just not ready for him to be at the point where “the talk” is needed (any parents WORSE nightmare) or if I truly deep down don’t believe we’ve reached that point. My friend thinks that I’m in denial, and I can’t say for sure! I NEED AS MUCH INPUT AS POSSIBLE!

Why are things always so easy when it comes to other people’s children? I do know if I don’t talk to him, someone else will…..or has!



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4 responses to “Who Needs Condoms?

  1. Amy A

    My mom was very open about sex, and wanted to educate us – and this was before it was ‘in’ to do this. She put a condom on a banana when I was 14, my brother was 13, and had many ‘talks’ with us, but we still thought she didn’t know anything about anything, because she was our mom.

    It only sunk in, years later, and often it was the strangest pieces of advice that she gave me that helped along the way. Like, if you aren’t comfortable saying ‘no’ to a guy’s advances, tell him it’s your time of the month, most will leave you alone no problem. That was good advice, if not strange coming from my mom… But, it worked when I was a teenager.

    Odd but true memories, I know. But, good luck, obviously you’re talk will be much different, and probably a lot better too.

    • Thanks for the comment Amy. Your mom was ultra smart to have done that. She got to you and your brother before ANYONE else had the opportunity to, and that’s a tally mark in her favor. I thinkn that one of the ley pieces to the puzzle, to get in your kids ears before their friends do. If you don’t then you have to combat all the stupid information and opinions of their so-called friends. I have had the talk with him before (Summer of 2010) but I guess I do need to do/have it more frequently. I don’t Amy, I might have to pull out the props like your mom did! Thanks, again!

  2. Sharlynn Cannady

    My mom was also very open about sex with me. We talked about it when I was 14 years old. It was actually my grandmother, because my mother had passed away when I was 13. She also had me talk our family doctor as well.
    She talked about condoms and birth controls pills as well. I thank her for having those conversations.

    • Hi Sharlynn and thanks for the comment! So kids really appreciate when their parents have the sex talk with them? It’s something that they always carry with them, be it good or bad? I didn’t have the talk with my parents…I didn’t want to either! :-\

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