I’ve been having extreme sugar cravings all day! I finally caved in about 5:45 CST. I had to return a video game to the Red Box anyway, so I figured I could run in the CVS and grab some candy while over there. So me and the littlest one fo the bunch headed on over. After putting the game in the slot, we went inside the store and no other customers were there. I was ecstatic to see that most of the candy bars were buy 2 get 1 FREE! I quickly picked 6 things– one for each of the four kiddies and two for me (I wasn’t going to eat both things at once. I’m saving one for tomorrow!). i was rung up rather quickly, but then! The non-reliable cashier (I’ve dealt with her before) told me that I couldn’t mix and match the candy bars. HUH?!?

Me:  “You mean that I have to get three of the same candy bars?”

Her: “Umm, yeah! YES! You have to get candy that’s made by the same company. Like these are Mars candy. You have to get other Mars candy.”

Me: “What? So….I have to look through all this candy and find out which are made by the same company, in order to get the buy 2, get 1 free deal?”

Her: “Ummm…I guess so! Yeah. YES!

She comes around the counter to find candy made by Mars. She comes up with the idea that I can get three of the same kind of candy. Whatever! Just give me my candy please! She rings me up hands me my bag, but she keeps my receipt and looks it over.

Her: “Wait!”

Me: “What?”

Her: It didn’t give you your buy 2, get 1 Free!

Me: “Huh?”

Her: Hold on! Ashley! (she calls for the manager to come over)

Me: (Looking bewildered! Zayah has now resorted to just eating the candy off of the shelf under the counter)

Them: (talking back and forth in their CVS cashier lingo)

Me: It’s no big deal! I’ll just take my items.”

Ashley: “No, no! I know how to fix the machine. She confused the machine!”

Me: (I’m confused!)

Finally, Ashley starts to work her magic. She has sent her underling over to another register. Ashley allows me to purchase my original candy of choice and she refunds me some of my money that I’d paid the other cashier. Ashley then apologizes for the mix up.I tell her it’s not a problem. I gather my Zayah, my bag and receipt (this time!) only to turn around to an extra stupid long line of mumbling and grumbling waiting customers! YIKES! Where’d all these people come from? There wasn’t one happy face in the line!

I quickly scurried out of there. I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of anyone’s anger! I just wanted to get a few pieces of candy for me and the children! It wasn’t my fault it was all that non-reliable cashier and Ashley’s fault!


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