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Rivalry Between Siblings

The oldest two of my bunch are only 18 months apart. I’ve had to endure the ongoing feuding and what seems like the never-ending rivalry between these two, pretty much for the last 12 years. Now at the ages of 13 and 14, they’re hardly ever cordial to one another (when they are, it’s VERY SHORT LIVED). The constant bickering, arguing, jabbing, poking, bashing and the sabotaging of each others personal items has reached new heights, and quite frankly ANNOYING!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the process of diligently trying to irritate each other (each and every chance they get) I’m always the one irritated! I have reached the end of my wits, and have started rationing out harsh (well, what I’ve deemed as being harsh) punishments for the initiator and participant (just my fancy smancy way of saying, both of them are now getting in trouble each and every time an argument ensues or sabotaging occurs). Punishments include: no T.V., no computers, no cell phone, no landline, no communication with anyone outside of our home. I literally try to make their lives as miserable as they’re making mines, yet this rivalry lives on!

At this point, I need to know when does it get better because I’m at the end of my wits? I keep hearing, “they’ll grow out of it”. WHEN? I’ve heard, “they’re gonna wind up being the best of friends.” Well, can I fast-forward to that point NOW?!? I want to enjoy my children! It won’t be long before they’re ready to leave the nest, and the only memories of them that I’ll have are ones where their at each others necks!. I definitely need the anecdote to put an end to their sibling rivalry! I  want to stop dreaming of the day when they both move away, and start loving all of our family moments together!

…..this too shall pass? When?


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