Being Mommy…No Walk in the Park

I don’t know, but for some reason I always thought that the mommy role would get easier as the children got older and older.Well, as my children get older, and delve further into their teenage years, I’m seeing firsthand that I was way off with my thinking. Being a mother, especially a single mother, is no walk in the park, and from the looks of it, it never will be…..EVER! It doesn’t get any easier, no matter how much the children age, and grow up. That’s NOT what I’ve been widely expecting and anticipating, all of these years! I’ve been so looking forward to the lightning of the mommy load!

So what I’ve learned is this: As the children move on to become teenagers/young adults, the late night feedings, carrying of diaper bags, loading of strollers, and car seats all go away, but in comes an entirely different slew of issues. For instance, I have a girl crazed teenager (and the girls are as equally crazed over him) who wants to hang out, listen to loud music, socialize via all the social media networks, go back and forth with the yo-yo grades….blah, blah, blah….and the list could go on and on and on. My point is, the baby issues have all gone away and now the teenager issues have arrived, and they’re here with a vengeance! Oh how I long for the stroller, diaper bag, immunization days!

The load of being mommy and the sole parent hasn’t lightened up any, in fact things seem to be heavier than ever! It’s all good, though! The job is trying, but it’s not impossible. I just have to restrategize and reconfigure my parenting plan. I’m sure I’ll be just fine!

Can you imagine going through the baby phase and adolescence phase at the same time?



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2 responses to “Being Mommy…No Walk in the Park

  1. ICAN7

    Lack of strong figures and education leads to early mistakes. I could never imagine parenting at an early age. I’m not a parent, but I can tell you exactly what you are going through being raised by a single mom myself.

    • I’m thinking that you may have gotten the WRONG impression from my post. If I did let me clear things up. I’m not, nor was I ever a teen parent. I was raised in a household where both of my parents were present. I come from a long lineage of strong women and men (paternal and maternal) and I’m college educated. My post shouldn’t be mistaken as me complaining about my role of being a mother. In fact, there’s nothing that I LOVE more than being a mother. This was what I was built for. As a mommy blogger I like to analyze my role, make light of it, point out the humor and just share what I experience.
      Compared to most mothers that I know, I really have it rather easy because I have some really good children! I don’t have ANY of the problems that most of them have, and I know that comes from the investment that I’ve put (and continue to put) into them.
      I will agree with you, if one doesn’t have strong positive role models in their lives, on top of lacking an education, chances of them making mistakes and getting caught up in bad situations are very likely.
      I appreciate your comment and your following my blog! Thanks, again!

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