Apartment? Uh Uh!

Yesterday I made the decision that I can not and will not continue residing in this apartment a moment after the expiration of my lease. Now the hunt for the perfect house (or perfect house builder) begins! Moving from a four bedroom very spacious home into a two bedroom quite roomy apartment has been less of a challenge than I initially thought it would be, particularly with the four kids and Dooney the dog. The problems start come into play with having to be in close proximity of so many other people (all the time),  on top of the fact that many of them have issues with their cleanliness! *I will reframe from inserting any of the disgusting photos*


When I hear “luxury living” I expect the people to have a luxury living kind of mindset. With the vigorous screening process and the pricey rental fees, one would think that the gross trifling filthy people would be weeded out! NOT!

Admittedly, the consistent weekend partying has ceased somewhat since the weather has broken and no one is hanging out at the pool or at any of the other amenities. What hasn’t subsided is the influx of people! People are EVERYWHERE and they’re constantly coming and going! I’ve never lived with some many before and I NEVER will EVER again! It TOTALLY SUCKS, especially if you aren’t a sincere people person.

For some odd idiotic reason, people in this complex seem to think that our driveways are mimicky (hope that’s the word) of the NASCAR speedway racetrack. They SPEED around the buildings and through the drives without any consideration for the children, who are out playing, or the families out walking! UGH!

My last and my BIGGEST issue of ALL is the dog poop! So this is a pet friendly complex (UGH! Even though I am a dog owner). Our lease (which EVERYONE who agreed to live here, signed) clearly states that dog owners must take their dogs to the designated doggy areas to eliminate. Once they eliminate their waste, it is the responsiblity of the dog owner to clean up the waste and discard of it, in the provided doggie waste disposal basket. Not to mention, they provide little doggies waste bags, too! Now these trifling folks over here will allow their dogs to poop all over the place! I know that accidents happen and dogs oftentimes have minds of their own, so they’re likely to poop before you get to the designated areas, but CLEAN IT UP!  The poop has gotten so bad around here, that I along with lots of other tenants, have complained and complained. I swear with all the reminders that the leasing office sends out about cleaning up your dog’s poop, the problem escalates! I spent lots of time cleaning up other people’s dog’s poop off the lawn, just so the kids can play football on the grass! I’ve cleaned up poop just because I don’t wanna walk out to my car and see it each and every single time I pass by!  I have cleaned up poop and trash (I won’t even tell you about the excessive littering) because this is where  I live and I want it to look nice and luxurious!

I love and enjoy tidy spaces. I love to look out of my window and see nice luscious greens . I enjoy taking in deep breaths of fresh air! I don’t like any of the stated above, and for those reasons apartments have now been added to my long list of nemesis!

This place is indeed beautiful and I’m going to miss it…..it’ll always be our first home away from our original home!



Good-bye beautiful apartments!

Bitter Sweet


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