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Working from Home, Not My Cup of Tea, Not for Me!

*Disclaimer* Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors. Spell/Grammar check’s not working…for whatever reason. Enjoy!

I’ll be the first to say that I thought working from home was going to be the BOMB! Not only was I going to be in complete control of my work schedule (which is HUGE to me), but I was going to be home with my youngest two children. Ultimately that means I wouldn’t have to hire a nanny or find a daycare facility to put them in, and if you’re a working parent, you know that, that’s a very big deal~ no childcare expenses! I was going to be completely hands on!

I thought I had it all figured out! I’d start doing my work on the computer by 7:30, answer calls from my consultants and customers up until noon (during this same time, the youngest boy would do his homeschool lessons) then off to do some marketing for an hour or two (great thing is, the kiddies can ride along with me…..ususally this leads into nap time). My work day would end by three (with the exception of taking occassional calls from customers and consultants), dinner would be going by four, etc, etc., etc. by seven-thrity eight o’clock I’d be on my way to relaxing!

Well needless to say, pretty much none of my plan came to frutition. I haven’t once started work by 7:30, the boy hardly ever starts and/or complete any of his homeschool lessons before I’m ready to go marketing. My work day definitely ends by three, Baby Zayah makes sure of that, with her non-cooperating agenda! As for dinner, if it’s not a meal that I put in the slow cooker the night before or the morning of, it’s not making it into the oven by four (that has yet to happen). By 7 o’clock I’m on a WARPATH! I’m fussing, cussing and enraged! Relaxing? HELL!

Every single day has been chaotic, disorganized and pretty much unproductive, since I started working from home. Usually by the end of the day, the two youngest kiddies have pushed every single button that I possess and my patience for the older two (by the time they return home from a day at school) are nonexistent! They catch the brunt of my wrath, when they haven’t even done anything to deserve it! Our home is in complete and utter diasarray! By bedtime I’m always exhausted and I’ve accomplished very little with my days. With all of that being said, I’m returning back to working outside of the home! For all the reasons that I stated above, “No! I don’t feel guilty about changing my mind!” I gave it the “good old college try”! I’m happily returning to the rat race!

I care nothing about now having to hire a nanny. In fact, I’m looking forward to paying someone top dollar to come in and take care of them, even on my off days! I’m looking forward to having a weekly work schedule. I’m glad that I’ll have co-workers, someone to talk to and have lunch with during the middle of the day, that’s not a minor who needs me! I’m ecstatic about having my life (that exists outside of the home) back!

Final word: I figured out the hard way, that working from home with children roaming in and out of your work space, is not for me. It’s not an easy or light task. One has to be truly disciplined and organized. I am neither and  I accept that! I now know that I need to miss my children, just as they need to miss me, in order for us to appreciate each other!

So back into the workforce I happily go!


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Earbuds + Teens = Irritated Mother!

Straight to the point! The most annoying thing in the world is my oldest boy walking around with earbuds tucked deep down into his ear wells! What’s even more annoying is when he has them stuck in there and I don’t know that he has them on, due to the HUGE hoodie that he’s been wearing these last couple days.

Irritating Earbud Incidences:


He was putting on his shoes preparing to leave out the front door for school, and I knew there were no more breakfast bars in the pantry. I grabbed a box from my secret stash spot (that’s a whole ‘nother story) while asking him if he wanted one or two. No answer.

I’m three feet away from him, holding the bars in my hand and I’m asking him, “Do you wanna take these to eat on the bus?” No answer.

“Do you hear me?” No answer.

He opens the door and just starts walking out, as if I’m not standing there and haven’t said a word! Then it hits me! He has those fricking earbuds on! I literally had to flick the light switch off and on. That he got his attention!  “Huh?” I just held up the breakfast bars for him to see. He declined and went on to catch the bus to school. From the window I watched as he bopped his way to the school bus!


My oldest gal came to me and blamed the littlest boy for locking the bathroom door from the inside. I told her that the oldest boy was in there. She said he wasn’t (she knocked and called out his name) and the littlest boy confirmed that the “earbud wearer” had gone back outside. Me not knowing, figured he must have slipped passed without me seeing (I was on the computer….so that was very possible). Well she went and worked her magic of getting the locked door unlocked. Once unlocked, to both her surprise and the surprise of the “earbud wearer” the bathroom was indeed occupied! There the “earbud wearer” sat, firmly planted on the toilet. He hadn’t heard any of the knocks, nor the calling out of his name, all thanks to the earbuds meshed into his ears! Meanwhile, she’s scarred from seeing her brother take care of his bathroom business atop the toilet stool and he’s still wearing these earbuds non-stop!

I could go on and on, I can’t even remember how many times I walked into the room and he’s in there and I’ll start talking. I’ll go on and on and on with no comment from him, only to look over and realize that the music pumping through the earbuds have drowned out everything that I just said. How many times have I had to repeat myself because he’s like, “Huh? Huh? What you say? You talking to me? Did you say something?” (BLANK STARE)

Here’s the real kicker: The oldest boy has now requested that I buy him a pair of “Beats” headphones by Dr. Dre. (another BLANK STARE) He’s so serious, too!


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Hot Air

On my way back from the market this morning and I saw multiple hot air balloons. Since we’ve been here, I’ve been trying to capture a picture of them soaring in the air, I’ve yet to get a picture of them flying. Today I was able to get some “not in the air” pics of them, as they were coming down, across the street from our home! Pretty. Relaxing.

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iPad2 & Kindle Fire Giveaway via Rafflecopter

This is technically my first time posting a giveaway on my blog. I told myself that I have to and need to step my blogging game up this year, and giveaways will play a HUGE part in that! So here goes! Now this isn’t a product review, rather it’s a raffle that you can enter in multiple ways in an attempt to win either an iPad2 or a Kindle Fire. Good Luck!
*Be sure to tell them that Mariann L. Dyson referred you!*

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Teen Sex in Your Home

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend of mines (she’s from Sweden) about this current generation of kids, and how they are compared to how we were growing up. Imagine my surprise when she told me that it’s the norm for Swedish teens to have sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends AT HOME! There’s no need to sneak and do it while mom and dad are out or at work. You can do “it” with their blessings, right in the bedroom that they provide for you! Has your mouth dropped open like mines did while she was telling me this? I was totally flabbergasted! I kept asking over and over again, to make sure I’d heard it right. The teens of Sweden are allowed to have sex in their parents homes, and it’s considered to be part of the norm?!? YES!

I guess I can’t imagine having sex in my bedroom with my parents downstairs or right in the next room. Better yet, when my parents think about sex and me, at 35 years old, I’m hoping they think I only did it four times, and that’ll be the four times that I became pregnant, and had children because of it! I don’t want my parents to relate sex and me together, let alone hear me having it! But any who….

So my girlfriend goes on to tell me, parents over there just accept the fact that it’s a part of life and their children are going to have sex, like it or not! Providing a safe and comfortable place to do it, is better than the kids sneaking off doing it wherever they can. The question was then posed to me, “wouldn’t I rather my daughter (whose 13) have sex where I know she’s safe, where she’s not being forced or talked into doing something that she doesn’t want to, and she’s prepared?” To answer that, I always want my children to be safe. I always want to do what I think is best for them. But, I know that I’ll never be comfortable with ANY of my children having sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends in my home. I definitely can’t see myself providing a safe haven for them to come sex in. Reason why? Maybe it’s because it’s not how I was raised. It’s probably how majority of Americans feel?  Maybe it’s because I think it’s a bit weird and disrespectful. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but I don’t ever believe that I’ll be okay with any of my minor children engaging in any kind of sexual acts with my blessings.

My Swedish friend has been in America for twenty years and she has semi-sort of become Americanized in respect to this matter. She’s not totally comfortable with her daughter having sex (which she hasn’t yet engaged in) in her house. She’s hoping that she never wants to, but if in fact she does, she will let her daughter utilize her own bedroom. She’d rather that her daughter be safe and in control. Opinions? Are Americans out of touch, or is it just me, whose out of touch? We will provide them with birth control, but letting them have sex in their bedrooms isn’t part of the package, or is it? Where do we expect for them to engage in sex? I’m so curious to hear the opinions of others.


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Post a Day Slip

Well, my challenge to make a blog post each day this year has gone down the drain. Only seven days into the new year and ka-poot! I failed to make my post yesterday because of several reasons. I’ve been dealing with issues involving my oldest son, decisions have to be made in regards to our living situation, and I just wanted to sit amongst my girlfriends and chitchat for a spell. Once I came home and did all of my “mommy duties” (cooking, cleaning, talking to and spending time with the children) and Skyping with folks, time had gotten away from me, and it’d turned into the next day! So the post I intended for yesterday, I’ll make it in the very near future!

Even though I didn’t complete the initial challenge that I’d set for myself, still I feel good about my yesterday. I figured out what I’m going to do with the oldest boy (THANK GOD, for that). I solved my housing fiasco and I gained some great blogging topics by way of talking with my girlfriends! These are the things that I told myself when I realized that I’d failed my challenge (I needed to feel better about myself, more than I needed to feel like a blog failure….sue me!). I also convinced myself that it was okay because I’m a single mom and I’m expected to get distracted and off course (yeah, I really poured it on)!!!

But anywho?!? Here’s to continuing forward with the interrupted post a day blog challenge for myself!

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So long Fa La La La!

Today was the first day that my two oldest returned back to school post-Christmas break, and I’m feeling some sorta way about that. This morning I was eager for them to get their things and get out the door. Once they were gone,  I opened up my laptop, turned to my regularly scheduled morning show and just basked in the stillness. I knew I didn’t have long before the  two little kiddos woke up for the day, so I just wanted to linger in each and every single moment that I had to myself. Well, needless to say, my alone time didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked it to (only about forty minutes) before one of the two woke up.  I went on to do our regular pre-Christmas break ritual–made my morning hot drink, assisted making a  bowl of cereal, prepared the morning sippy cup, etc. , etc., etc. We lolly gagged around, watched a morning show or two before delving into a daily home school lesson. We finished our lessons, ran some errands, came back and began to prepare dinner. Now I’m surfing the net, writing a blog post, waiting on the two bigger kiddos to return home from school.

Good-bye Holidays. Life has returned back to our new normal! Oh! Here comes the other kiddos  now! Gotta go!

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