So long Fa La La La!

Today was the first day that my two oldest returned back to school post-Christmas break, and I’m feeling some sorta way about that. This morning I was eager for them to get their things and get out the door. Once they were gone,  I opened up my laptop, turned to my regularly scheduled morning show and just basked in the stillness. I knew I didn’t have long before the  two little kiddos woke up for the day, so I just wanted to linger in each and every single moment that I had to myself. Well, needless to say, my alone time didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked it to (only about forty minutes) before one of the two woke up.  I went on to do our regular pre-Christmas break ritual–made my morning hot drink, assisted making a  bowl of cereal, prepared the morning sippy cup, etc. , etc., etc. We lolly gagged around, watched a morning show or two before delving into a daily home school lesson. We finished our lessons, ran some errands, came back and began to prepare dinner. Now I’m surfing the net, writing a blog post, waiting on the two bigger kiddos to return home from school.

Good-bye Holidays. Life has returned back to our new normal! Oh! Here comes the other kiddos  now! Gotta go!

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