Post a Day Slip

Well, my challenge to make a blog post each day this year has gone down the drain. Only seven days into the new year and ka-poot! I failed to make my post yesterday because of several reasons. I’ve been dealing with issues involving my oldest son, decisions have to be made in regards to our living situation, and I just wanted to sit amongst my girlfriends and chitchat for a spell. Once I came home and did all of my “mommy duties” (cooking, cleaning, talking to and spending time with the children) and Skyping with folks, time had gotten away from me, and it’d turned into the next day! So the post I intended for yesterday, I’ll make it in the very near future!

Even though I didn’t complete the initial challenge that I’d set for myself, still I feel good about my yesterday. I figured out what I’m going to do with the oldest boy (THANK GOD, for that). I solved my housing fiasco and I gained some great blogging topics by way of talking with my girlfriends! These are the things that I told myself when I realized that I’d failed my challenge (I needed to feel better about myself, more than I needed to feel like a blog failure….sue me!). I also convinced myself that it was okay because I’m a single mom and I’m expected to get distracted and off course (yeah, I really poured it on)!!!

But anywho?!? Here’s to continuing forward with the interrupted post a day blog challenge for myself!

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