Keeping with Tradition


My four and I (and Dooney, the dog) have been undergoing a huge transition for the last six months, with our relocating from Detroit to Houston. For the most part, we’re all pretty much settled in and happy with our super-duper big move. Sunday proved that, when the five of us (and Dooney, the dog) gathered for our yearly tradition of watching the Superbowl together. From the singing of the National Anthem until the clock strikes triple zeros at the end of the fourth quarter we all sit, watch, root for our team of choice, talk, eat, laugh and rate the commercials together. I’m not sure how much longer this tradition (with the five of us……and Dooney, the dog) will last, seeing that my oldest is soon to be fifteen, and he’s not too far from coming into his own. I get a wee bit emotional when I think about our traditions, such as delving into the spirit of the Superbowl, becoming null, void and potentially meaningless to them as they get older and come into their own. (Deep sigh) Guess I can’t and shouldn’t dwell on the “what if” times of the future, but enjoy the here, now and all the traditions that we have at this moment….and the fact, that we’re planting roots, as well as traditions in our new home! So! Here’s to keeping with tradition all the way down in Texas! *CHEERS*


Congrats to the New York Giants!

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