As a Mother…..

As a mother I am saddened. As an American I’m outraged! Most days I can’t tell if the year’s 2012 or 1812. Last I checked justice applied to every single individual, across the board, in spite of race, gender, religion, occupation, choices, etc. Whenever is it okay for a self-appointed neighborhood watch leader to gun down (literally!) an unarmed, non-threatening child, who pleaded over and over again for his young innocent life? When did that ever become okay, especially here in America? Evidently, somewhere along the line, that behavior has been deemed acceptable because it happened here, in our country, in our America! Where is the arrest of this shooter? Of this murderer? Why does there always seem to be a loophole or excuse made on behalf of the non African-American perpertrator whenever it comes to assaulting or killing an African-American (particularly an African-American male)?

Why am I having the same conversation with my dark-skinned teenage son in 2012, that my mother had with my brown-skinned brother in 1983, and that her mother had with my caramel color skinned uncle in 1961? Why are mothers of black boys in America still nervous and fretful of “losing” their sons whenever they cross the thresholds of their homes to go out into the world? Must I repeat that this is 2012?

Funny thing is, My teenage son had this same T-shirt on yesterday!

Goosebumps overtake my skin every single time I see a photo of Trayvon Martin because I can’t help but to see the faces of either one of my sons…or my twin nephews. I see the face of Tommy, a friend of my children’s whose from a trailer park in the backwoods of Louisiana, I see the faces of the biracial children who live in a building over from me, I see the faces of the brother and sister whose family recently immigrated here from the continent of Asia, I see the faces of many people when I see the pictures of Trayvon Martin.

When I see Trayvon Martin’s face I see the face of a child. I see the face of a child who was the citizen of the greatest nation on earth. I see the face of a child who was the resident in the state of Florida. When I see Trayvon Martin’s face I realize that his circumstance could have been that of any child, anywhere in this country. Yes. He was a black child in America, but he could have been the child of any parent in this country! Imagine that!

We all are Trayvon Martin!

Insert the picture of your child or loved one here!


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3 responses to “As a Mother…..

  1. serenityluv1

    This is so sad…I hate it that this child was murdered in cold blood and I would be just as heart broken if he was any other race. Its just very sad that the law doesn’t feel his life was worth anything.

    • My apologies for taking so long to reply. I just hope that us sane individuals force them to stick to the issue. A CHLD WAS MURDERED! Don’t allow the extremists on either side distract us by focusing centrally on race. Race may have a part in it and that can be addressed later. Right now, they need to focus on the fact that Trayvon Martin was a child who had his life snatched away from him. It could’ve been ANY of OUR CHILDREN! This way of vigilantism can not be tolerated!

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