My Baby the little Staph Incubator

What started off as a harmless little itty bitty scrape on Baby Zayah’s chin turned out to way more than what any of us would’ve predicted. Turns out her first boo boo from her first fall is a staph infection A.K.A Impetigo A.K.A Mercer! “You say what?”  Well, I knew something was wrong a few days prior to Saturday, when I had to rush her the emergency room.

The little scrape started (which happened on Sunday) showing some bruising on Tuesday. I figured it was bruising due to the impact of her fall. By Thursday the bruising formed a circular scar. I immediately started thinking that scrape has gotten infected and that it’d possibly turned into ringworm. I bought some Lotrimin and applied it to the circular bruisie area. That’s when I noticed there was a second circular area forming on her cheek. Aha! It’s ringworm! Saturday when we woke up there were two more circular bruisie areas. I applied some more Lotrimin. Upon combing Baby Zayah’s hair I noticed a circular area on the back of the neck. But this circle was different looking. I t was bumpy around the edges, yes! But inside of the area was a blister filled with cloudy pus. UGH! By the time I walked Baby Zayah over to one of my good girlfriend’s place. The circle on the back of her neck had grown in size. In a matter of 15 minutes it went from being the size of a crayon’s diameter to being the size of a nickel! First, thing I thought as we sat there trying to diagnose what the heck was going on was “flesh eating bacteria!”

I rushed her over to the hospital (because I’ve seen on television what flesh-eating bacteria does and in a small amount of time!) and the staff were shocked at the rapid multiplication and growth of these circular areas (it was literally happening right before our eyes).  It wasn’t long before they eliminated my theory that it was the flesh-eating bacterium, but it was a bacterium from the same strain! Mercer! In children her age they prefer to call it Impetigo, for some reason.

Many people have reached out and gave me some great advice for ridding my home of the pesky, highly contagious, rapidly spreading virus! Lots of sanitizer! Bleach all of the bedding, stuffed animals and wash in hot water! WASH YOUR HANDS! Bleach the doorknobs, handles, game controllers, laptop keys, phones, etc. etc. etc. WASH YOUR HANDS! So this is what my what weekend consisted of:

The little contaminated culprit!

We were able to pinpoint where she contracted the staph infection.

Several weeks ago, my oldest son was playing basketball at the park. While playing he was scratched under his nose, on the area between the nose and upper lip. Days after he was scratched I noticed the outbreak. I thought it was a cold sore or blister. That’s when he told me he was scratched. I told him to keep the area clean because it looks like it’s trying to get infected. The area became worse and worse. I assumed it was getting bad because he kept picking at it. Then it spread to his ear….to three different spots on his ear. I bought peroxide and all kinds of astringents, and told him to clean the areas then afterwards “WASH YOUR HANDS”!  He is all cleared up, but never once did I ever think of a staph infection! It  never even crossed my mind!  The day that the scrape on Baby Zayah’s chin turned to a circular bruise is the day the she laid on him and fell asleep! I was told that the virus can lie dormant and live for a lengthy amount of time. We’re 90% certain that she contracted it from him. Since she has the least developed immune system in the house, she was an easy target!

We’re on a constant cleaning and wipe down binge! The medicine has only been going for 24 hours, but all of the lesions are drying out and no new ones have popped out THANK GOODNESS! I think we might have it under control, but we won’t know until several weeks from now!


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2 responses to “My Baby the little Staph Incubator

  1. serenityluv1

    Aww she is a cutie…hope its all cleared up soon or since I am so late, it’s gone by now! LOL

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