Pre-Mother’s Day Day

We spent the entire day at the pool, three of the children and I. We had an absolutely marvelous day. When it was all over and we were packing up our things to come back home, two of the children told me about the surprises that they have planned for me tomorrow (they couldn’t hold it in any longer). I smiled and listened. Then my youngest boy hugged me and told me that I’m the best mommy ever.

My words to him: I don’t know about that. I have lots of competition when it comes to being the best mommy ever.

Silently I was thinking that God designed the best mommy long ago and he’d given her to me; it’s because of her that you’re convinced that you possess the best mom of all time.

Hope you all have as great a pre-Mother’s Day Day as I did!

In case I forget to say it: Here’s wishing all the Mother’s, near and far, a very HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL MOTHER’S DAY!

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