Happy Hour!

After much convincing, my girlfriends talked me into going to Happy Hour at a local Steakhouse this evening. With the exception of me, everyone has met up and gone, the last two Fridays. I just didn’t want to be in the bar atmosphere, so I opted out of going with them. One of my friends found a little steakhouse to go to instead of going to a “bar”, so I agreed to go there.

I’ve been so looking forward to today, so much so that I figured out what I was going to wear and laid it all out the other day. I’ve even gone so far as to prepare my children for my going on. I’ve told them, “I’m going out with the girls for a little while Friday. I won’t be gone long, in fact, it’ll still be a little light outside when I get back home.” I successfully got all of them on board with my going out.

I’ve really been excited about going out, sitting around eating, drinking and talking with my girls ………………………………………………….. all-for-NOTHING!

The organizer of this little shindig, sent all of us a text message a little while ago, explaining that she’s not feeling well and would like to reschedule for next Friday.  Sadly, I agreed to meet up next week.

Turns out, I’ll be doing tonight, what I’ve mastered to do best watching television in my bedroom, by myself!

No “Happy Hour” for me!


P.S. I know the kids are going to be happy!

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