More in the Life of the Oldest Boy


In case you’re not sure what’s different, the boy got both his ears pierced, at the mall,  last night. Not entirely sure how I’m feeling about it. Didn’t want him to do it (never wanted either of my son’s to have pierced ears)  but he’s old enough to give a compelling argument as to why he wanted his ears pierced…, he’d successfully  convinced his grandmother of it, too.

It could be worse, huh?


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3 responses to “More in the Life of the Oldest Boy

  1. Maria

    I don’t like it either, not even on my teenage daughter! Yes, it could be worse! They could want tattoos that you can never remove, unless you want to spend a pretty penny and several visits to a dr office. At least with piercings, they can take them out if need be.

  2. Kiana

    Awwww he’s handsome. And it could be worse so don’t be so hard on him. Lol even though I told my sons no but that was awhile ago and he just turned 13 so we’ll see if he asks again.

    • Thanks Kiana! You’re right! I decided I will pick my battles and this wasn’t one, so I just through my hands up! Please believe they NEVER forget, your will be reminding you and bugging you real soon!….and I wanna know about it! LOL!
      We have good boys so…..I guess an ear piercing is o…k….. Thanks for the comment!

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