First Day of Summer: Graduation 2012

Tonight one of my good girlfriend’s daughter graduated from high school. She attended one of the best academic schools in the city. I was absolutely jaw-dropped  shocked at the academic excellence of the vast majority of the students.

My mommy radar immediately went up and I began to strategize just how I’m going to get my own children focused on the exact same path of academic excellence.

I want that! I want my children to be amongst the top members of their class (if asking for them to be one of the top ten is too much). I want them to be recognized for their academic brilliance. Most importantly, I want the security in knowing that they’re going to be already in this life… this world.

This first day of summer vacay actually turned out to better than what I could’ve ever wanted it to be. A new desire was planted in me and now I’m going to see it to fruition.


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4 responses to “First Day of Summer: Graduation 2012

  1. lamehousewife

    Just remember about the love part, too…:) You must be a wonderful mom since you want to do everything to help them out. That is pretty cool… God bless…

    • Thanks for the comment lamehousewife. I try to be a good mother, but there’s always room for improvement. And yes, I will incorporate some love in there (sometimes we’re quick to leave that part out). Matter of fact, I’ll make sure that’s first on the list! Thanks so much for the comment and support!

  2. i think that every parent wants this for their children. I know that you’re going to do your best to help guide them in this direction.

    • Thanks for the comment Kimberly! YES! I have been diligently devising a plan to guide each of them to the path of super uber success! #fingerscrossed Hope I’m successful! Thanks again!

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