Piercings and Tattoos? My Boy? NO WAY!

It’s no surprise that the oldest boy has increased the amount of pressure and stepped up his daily harassment, hoping desperately to sway me into saying, “Yes. You can go get a tattoo, son!”

See, he thinks it was his tactic of never-ending harassment  that worked in his favor several weeks ago, when I finally allowed him to get his ears pierced (after three years of nonstop asking). He hasn’t figured out that it wasn’t because of his begging, constant pleading and nagging which caused him to receive my blessing with the piercing of the ears. I only said yes because I felt that he’d put enough time and thought into “why” he really wanted his ears pierced.

I have an extremely huge problem when it comes to fads and that “going along with the crowd” mentality. I don’t participate in trends and I refuse to let my child be part of a trend. I wanted to be absolutely certain that he wasn’t doing something because it’s popular or because all of his buddies are doing it, which is why it took me several years before saying yes. For me, his reason for wanting his ears pierced had to be something that he deeply desired to do with no outside influences. He doesn’t know it, but the same thing applies to getting a tattoo. I wouldn’t care if he got tattoo after tattoo after tattoo. Heck! My mom took me to get my first tattoo when I just sixteen years old, so of course I don’t have a problem with them. My only concern was, his reason behind wanting tattoos and ear piercings.

It’s been close to the two-year mark of his just having to “have a tattoo”. He’s thought it through and through. He’s even constructed what he wants to get and he’s explained the significance behind it. I must admit that it’s quite unique and I’ve never seen anyone with anything like it before. I’m pretty proud of him. Everything that I’ve instilled in him about being different, standing out, individuality and embracing his unique identity, he’s gotten it! Through both of these incidences I finally see that all of my efforts haven’t been in vain afterall.

I think it’s safe to say, the time has come for me to grant my oldest boy my blessing yet again. Tattoo numero uno soon to come!


My first tattoo (it’s now 19 years old). My youngest boy took this pic. Thank him for the flash and time stamp! #dontblameme


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8 responses to “Piercings and Tattoos? My Boy? NO WAY!

  1. not blessed mama

    My friend and i were joking a while ago- said our kids would be all straight edge and hate tattoos since we have them!

    • I know, huh? Sometimes I wish my kids were more by-the-book….but then I’d probably not like them…at all!
      I will say this, the things that I’ve tried to deter my kids from, they usually end of doing it! smh Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Sue

    Sounds like your a very good mom!!

    • Awww…..thanks! I really appreciate that, as well as your comment!
      It makes me feel good when he gets those little underlying lessons that I try to teach him. It makes all the hard work and effort worth it!
      Thanks again!

  3. That looks cool! Your son sounds very mature! I don’t know what I’ll say when my son is old enough to get a tattoo… 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Rebecca! I appreciate it very much. He’s getting there (mature, that is) he has a ways to go, but I’m glad to see that he’s making progress.
      Start preparing yourself NOW!!! If it’s not tattoos, he’s gonna want something that’ll make the mommy in you cringe! 😉

  4. I’d say not so fast. I think about the sorts of things I liked as a teenager and the thought of having that permanently on my body makes me cringe. I’ve gotten henna tattoos only to find myself rubbing my skin raw to get these things off because I’m sick of it after a week. Plus, long time tattoos may not be flattering on old saggy skin. I’d think twice about it. If he wants it that badly, he can go do it himself when he’s a legal adult. I’d still say, “NO!”


    • That’s exactly what my mom used to tell me, “When you get older, you’ll regret having them.” I always tell my children, if I had the choice I wouldn’t have any tattoos. Not because I don’t like them any more, but because everyone has them. Not only do they have them, but they have TOO MANY of them! I’m no longer fond of them! Thanks for the comment. Awesome perspective!

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