You’re Grown, Huh?

It’s not to often that my biggest girl does anything shocking or anything that’ll cause my jaw to drop. For the most part, she wants to stay on my good side and off of my blog and social media rants. She treads very lightly. She knows exactly how far to go before the wrath of momma comes in and takes over. So, imagine my surprise when my “conscientious” child took it upon herself to make a decision without being totally certain that she had my 100% guaranteed approval.  Needless to say, the biggest girl has made finally made her “it’s all about you…and not in a good way” blog post debut!

Well, about a month back my soon-to-be 14 year old,  made a decision unbeknownst to me. It was a choice that left me at a complete lost for words. I was so shocked that my jaw did actually drop. I was so shocked that I’m only now able to write a post about it!

This is how the oldest gal has looked for the last two years. This is who we’re all used to seeing on a daily basis. Okay? And like this:

One night while I was sitting out at the fire pit enjoying the company of a few friends and spirits, she and the littlest boy came over to reveal that she now looks like this!

(eye bulges practically out of my head!)

Here’s another view!

Oh! And, here’s a black and white view. Yeah, she’s taking black and white photos, too! 0_O

Although cutting her hair was something that we’d briefly discussed. I was shocked that she went and did it without me. I also felt like she did it sneakily because she waited until I was outside of the house and fully engaged with friends. Then she came strutting over to the fire pit area where we were sitting with a hoodie on, let me remind you that it was 80+ degrees outside. When I questioned her about the hoodie that’s when she  revealed her “haircut”.

Smart girl, huh? To do her big reveal while I was surrounded by people who would downplay the situation and keep me calm? She had it all well planned out, if I must say so.

I guess more than anything this hair cutting situation made me realize that my biggest gal is closer to be grown up, than she is to being a baby. She’s branching out more, becoming her own person, liking her own things and using her voice…..(respectfully, of course!)

So, I am learning to loosen up and let go a little bit. I always thought I’d welcome stages like this, but I’m more sad than I am happy.

It’s not about her cutting her hair, its way bigger than that.

She’s not my little four pound, twelve ounce preemie anymore. She’s growing up.

It was bound to happen!




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6 responses to “You’re Grown, Huh?

  1. I am so glad I am not at the stage of independance yet with my little ladies. I’m glad I have a blog like yours to read as a prep course for the teenage years.

    • @aplusme that’s exactly why I blog! My hope is to help other parents before they’re confronted with some of these same issues. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your little one’s bypass some of this madness. LOL! Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate it!

  2. Hi Mariann! Wow, it sure looks different. I would feel and react the same as you; shocked. I loved how you realized that this is part of her growing up and finding her own way. I’m constantly struggling with this, as a mom, to let go a little. It’s VERY hard (and my oldest is only 10) Kudos to you for realizing this!
    By the way; she still looks absolutely gorgeous 😉

    • @Raquel Shocked to the 20th power, I was!!! It took me about a month to learn that underlying lesson. It definitely is hard to let go because they are our babies. Each day it does get easier and easier……initially though, it is hard as heck! =) Thanks for the comment. I’m so appreciative.

  3. I would have been shocked too! It’s not at all that it looks bad. She still looks amazing but it’s the sneakiness like you said. She’s itching for independence. I am not yet at this stage with my little ones but I do hope I’m ready for it when it comes!

    • Thanks for the wonderful compliment. The blow definitely would’ve been less painful had she NOT took the sneaky route. That’s what I don’t like! I’m thinking that she may have learned her lesson. I guess time will tell! Good luck with your little ones…you’ll be well prepared! Thaks for commenting!

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