Banned: My Beef With Microsoft and XBOX

2 of the 4 systems that I’ve purchased!

Last year I fell completely out of love with Microsoft because of the unfair and unexplained banning of my family’s Xbox 360. After our long haul to Texas and after hours of vigorously unpacking, my children were looking forward to jumping on their XBox Live accounts to talk to and play with their friends back home.

Imagine the surprise when they tried to log on to the LIVE accounts, only to find out that they couldn’t.  Reason why?  The system had been BANNED, and it’d been banned for life!

What? Huh?

Banned? What do you mean banned? Banned by who, for what and when?

I would soon learn, although  I have a million questions, not one of them will get answered  because they (meaning Microsoft and the terrible folks over at XBox) don’t have to. (SHOCKED FACE)

Moving forward with the story.

So after my Biggest Boy explains that the system has been banned (per the horrific people at XBox) I decided to call for myself. I figured that a  mistake occurred (on their part) and it would only take a few moments for an adult to get it corrected.

Upon speaking with a rep, I was told the same thing as my son. The system, which I’d recently spent over $400 bucks to purchase, had indeed been banned. When I asked why and when did this banning occur, I was informed that they’re not at liberty to give me ANY information. The rep claimed that the banning is done by another department and banning only occurs after a thorough investigation has been completed. I was assured that my system hadn’t been banned mistakenly.

Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer and asked to speak with a supervisor. Well, the supervisor got on the line and basically said the same thing, so I requested to speak with his superior.

After days of being transferred  back and forth, and speaking with a number of useless people, I was no closer to getting the system “unbanned” or finding out why a banned occurred in the first place.

I stated my case to every single person that I’d spoken with. I, nor my children, had altered our system in any type of way. None of us (nor had any of our guests who bought their profiles over) violated any of the XBox LIVE rules (especially seeing that the system had been packed away for several weeks for our relocating) and the ban was unjustified. No one attempted to sympathize with at all, they all firmly maintained their positions and the position of XBox.

I feel like Microsoft/XBox has a hidden agenda for cleverly banning thousands and thousands of systems (I soon found out that we were not an isolated case). When your system is banned, its banned for life. Which means, any and every warranty that you have on it is voided. They will NOT service it any longer. Oh! But wait for it! You can still purchase expansions packs, Microsoft points, download games. They’ll still send advertisements to your e-mail account to make purchases. Oh yeah! And, they’ll still charge your credit card for XBox LIVE memberships. Basically, they back out of their end of the deal (unjustly) while continuing to take your money because that?  That they won’t ban!

I did ask for a refund for the XBox LIVE family memberships that I’d paid for (and still had 6 more months on). Of course, I was told, “Nope! We don’t issue refunds. Hey! But, you can use your LIVE membership on someone elses XBox system!”

Oh really? That’s all I got to do, huh? Take my four paid-in-full profiles over to a buddy’s of mines house and use them on their system?

Remind you! They haven’t told me “why” my system is banned. It could be because they’re claiming that we did something online which violates the XBox LIVE rules. YET! They advise me to utilize someone elses system. Why is that XBox LIVE people? Is it because you’d like nothing more than to unjustly ban another persons system?

To make this long story short.  I explained to every hearing ear, that I’ve been a long time and loyal customer of XBox and its products. In fact, I’ve purchased four systems, countless games, headsets, extra and special controllers, Microsoft points, expansion packs, steering wheels, carrying cases, downloads and tons of other gadgets that my children just had to have. But, no more! All of that has now come to an abrupt end. My children also have the competing system and I will now give my hard-earned dollars to them!

I’m aware that taking my dollars from Microsoft and their XBox company will not send them spiraling into bankruptcy, but word of mouth is a very powerful tool! I believe it’s the next best thing to giving my money to the direct competition! I explained this to the clever reps at XBox LIVE. I told them that I am a blogger and an avid social media engager. I will create a blog post about this entire situation, as well as Tweet and make Facebook status updates regarding it. Word of mouth can have a devastating, lasting and forever lingering impact. It has a tendency to do way more damage than a couple thousand dollars.

Since the folks at Microsoft’s XBox LIVE feel like customer satisfaction is no big deal, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal to tell how horrific my experience with them has been. I am hoping to get them to change their wicked customer service/satisfaction poilcy and also change the way that they handle wrongly banning their customers XBox systems!

Deep down I’m hoping that Microsoft’s XBox can make me fall back in love, again!

Have you had an encounter with Microsoft XBox? Has your system been unjustly banned? What’s your beef? I’d love to hear all about it.

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