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The 20 Month Old Check-Up

Yesterday Baby Zayah met her 20th month of being in this world.

Today we went for a check-up to mark the occasion.

Zayah gained 3 pounds since the last visit (at 18 months) YAAAAAY!

After she was given two shots, I was instructed to give her Miralax and a Fleet Baby Enema for the EXTREME constipation. Huh?

Then I was ordered to return in one week to check how well she’s passing her bowels (which should be at least once a day, by the way)

Needless to say, my day was filled with going to the doctor’s office, sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, then sitting in the examining room of the doctor’s office, sitting and waiting some more in the examination room of the doctor’s office, seeing the doctor, being given very strict orders to follow by the doctor, going on a run to the pharmacy to pick of the necessary prescriptions to carry out the strict orders, inserting a suppository in my baby’s rectum, then cleaning up all the aftermath as a result of the enema…….

it’s safe to say that turning 20 months has by far been our worse milestone!

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A Kid Again

If I could just go back….

not back in the sense of doing a complete life’s do-over

but just back for a 24-hour period

going back

to being

a kid again

for even the smallest period of time


being emerged in complete naiveté

dipped and bathe in uncorrupted sweetness

and actual innocence

To be a kid again

if only for a single day

I’d bask  in

sleeping in




using the car

not having to refill the tank


without replenishing the groceries

not having a care in the world

putting me first

and foremost

Before the expiration

of time swept me

back to my current reality

I’d tell the girl version of me

embrace and appreciate

as many individual moments

as possible

trust your gut

listen to your instinct

think every single instance through

and live your life to the absolute fullest

don’t let it live you!

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