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911? Can you come get these kids?

Oh yes I did! I called the Harris County Sheriff on my two oldest children. After weeks and weeks of constant and consistent bickering back and forth, it came to a head Thursday night.  My fifteen year old son and thirteen year old daughter got into a pushing match and that was the final straw! I separated them and when they decided to continue with the fussing, cussing, trying to get at each other, my last button had been pushed. As far as I was concerned they’d drawn the line in the sand, crossed it and the disrespect just blew by all boundaries! Being newly moved to Texas, I don’t know the laws when it comes to parenting and I didn’t want to “catch a case” which is exactly why I called the LAW! Need I say, that they both were completely shocked and flabbergasted when they heard me on the phone with the 911 operator.

Well, the oldest boy ran over to the clubhouse to call my mother (in Detroit) while the oldest gal strutted around the place without a worry. She only started worrying when I informed her that I’d called on BOTH of them, not just him, and as far as I was concerned, they both were getting taken the hell out of here. Imagine her surprise!

By the time that the officer arrived, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield had tucked themselves into their beds (as if that was going to keep the police from coming). The officer had each of them explain what’d happened, he then went on to inform them that the State of Texas allows parents to discipline their children, and that I wouldn’t be breaking any laws if I knocked the hell out of them (those are my words). He looked around the room and pointed out that they didn’t need big flatscreen TVs, Xboxs or Playstations with the way the that they were behaving. He gave them a stern warning and some great advice (about being brother and sister and sticking together). He declined to arrest either of them on domestic abuse charges (since no one was hurt and there weren’t any signs of physical abuse)  but he did file a formal complaint, which a detective will handle from this point onward.

I’m glad that I did what I did. By getting the police involved I showed them that I’m serious and I also learned my rights as a parent in this state. The bottom line is this: I’m not a referee. I’m not about to waste energy on negotiating peace between the two of them for a second longer. No more! I’m not doing it anymore! From now on I will call the police and next time I will allow them to be removed from the premises. Hopefully they won’t be foolish enough to call my bluff.

One way or another there will be peace in my home. They can do it the easy way, or the hard way. The choice is absolutely theirs!


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Earbuds + Teens = Irritated Mother!

Straight to the point! The most annoying thing in the world is my oldest boy walking around with earbuds tucked deep down into his ear wells! What’s even more annoying is when he has them stuck in there and I don’t know that he has them on, due to the HUGE hoodie that he’s been wearing these last couple days.

Irritating Earbud Incidences:


He was putting on his shoes preparing to leave out the front door for school, and I knew there were no more breakfast bars in the pantry. I grabbed a box from my secret stash spot (that’s a whole ‘nother story) while asking him if he wanted one or two. No answer.

I’m three feet away from him, holding the bars in my hand and I’m asking him, “Do you wanna take these to eat on the bus?” No answer.

“Do you hear me?” No answer.

He opens the door and just starts walking out, as if I’m not standing there and haven’t said a word! Then it hits me! He has those fricking earbuds on! I literally had to flick the light switch off and on. That he got his attention!  “Huh?” I just held up the breakfast bars for him to see. He declined and went on to catch the bus to school. From the window I watched as he bopped his way to the school bus!


My oldest gal came to me and blamed the littlest boy for locking the bathroom door from the inside. I told her that the oldest boy was in there. She said he wasn’t (she knocked and called out his name) and the littlest boy confirmed that the “earbud wearer” had gone back outside. Me not knowing, figured he must have slipped passed without me seeing (I was on the computer….so that was very possible). Well she went and worked her magic of getting the locked door unlocked. Once unlocked, to both her surprise and the surprise of the “earbud wearer” the bathroom was indeed occupied! There the “earbud wearer” sat, firmly planted on the toilet. He hadn’t heard any of the knocks, nor the calling out of his name, all thanks to the earbuds meshed into his ears! Meanwhile, she’s scarred from seeing her brother take care of his bathroom business atop the toilet stool and he’s still wearing these earbuds non-stop!

I could go on and on, I can’t even remember how many times I walked into the room and he’s in there and I’ll start talking. I’ll go on and on and on with no comment from him, only to look over and realize that the music pumping through the earbuds have drowned out everything that I just said. How many times have I had to repeat myself because he’s like, “Huh? Huh? What you say? You talking to me? Did you say something?” (BLANK STARE)

Here’s the real kicker: The oldest boy has now requested that I buy him a pair of “Beats” headphones by Dr. Dre. (another BLANK STARE) He’s so serious, too!


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