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Farewell 2012, its been swell

I did a mental recap of my 2012 and I’ve concluded that my good definitely outweighed my bad. That probably sounds so cliché, but it’s my truth.
I’d actually made myself say a verbal thank you (aloud) for every recollected instance or situation that I’d placed in my “good” column. Close to three hours had passed before I started nearing the end of my good list.
By that time, tears were streaming down my face.  I realized then that I didn’t even have close to enough thank you’s in me to match all of the good that I’d (along with my children) experienced over the course of 2012.
Of course, some unfavorable and not-so-good things happened during the course of the year, but they were so far few and in-between. In no way did they account for much, when I matched them up against everything that I’ve been blessed with.
But instead of focusing on those unfavorable things, I chose (and am continuing to choose) to reflect and energize all of the good positive things. That’s what I want more of!
My life is really good.  I didn’t have a clue of how good it actually was until I challenged myself, the other day, to recollect as much of my good as I could.
Each of our lives are good.
I challenge you to reflect on all of the good that has happened on your behalf and say a few thank you’s. Just watch how innumerable they are! Bet you’ll be amazed, too!

2012 Closing

To all of my loyal, returning, new and 1st-time readers: Thanks for all of your support. I appreciate each of you more than you’ll ever know! I look forward to sharing more of my family’s stories and life happenings with you in the upcoming year. My intentions are to be more consistent as a writer, storyteller and as a reader. So, here’s to us! May our 2013 be filled with abundance, lots of great stories, happiness, meeting of goals, success and PEACE!
Oh 2012! Here is where I bid thee a sweet farewell…..it’s been swell!

From my family

the littlest gal

The Littlest Gal!
(One half of the Little’s)

Day in the Park 020

The Littlest Boy
(Remaining half of the Little’s)

photo (4)

The Biggest Gal
(One half of the Big’s)

boy with an earring 2

The Biggest Boy
(Remaining half of the Big’s)


It’s Me!
The Momma!


to yours!

Have an extremely

Happy New Year!

See you all in 2013


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The Day After the Formal Day of Thanks

So I had this cute little blog post that I’d compiled yesterday, for yesterday, seeing that it was the “official day” of giving thanks.  Yet, my abilities to post it were prohibited by some ridiculous technical internet issue. Eventually I just trashed that piece and figured that I’d write a new and completely different post.                       Well, we survived our first Thanksgiving away from my mom and the rest of the family. Admittedly, I got a little emotional here and there. The emotions more so came flooding in as I mixed up the dressing. Usually my mom mixes and fixes the dressing. It was my first time doing it, and that made me miss her and our “old” home!                                                                                                                                  Once all of the food was ready, I quickly took pictures and posted some to Twitter and sent some to the family, before we dug in to stuff our faces! We neglected to spend any isolated time explaining what we were thankful for because we’d been doing it ALL day, and I always see to it that we express gratitude on a daily basis anyway!

As we ate and marveled over how good all of the food was, we soon forgot about not being back in Michigan, with all of our family. We all started harping on the fact that we’d accomplished a goal that I’d long ago set out for us, moving to Texas! Being able to complete a task from start to finish became the topic of our conversation. Moving to Texas was the first goal that we all devised together, and it’s the first goal that we conquered! That there alone is more than enough to be thankful for!

I hope everyone has something to be just as THANKful for!


Happy Holidays!

The Dyson Clan

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