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Where the hell I’ve been all year!

My intentions were to increase the number of blog post that I make every week in 20-13. I thought I’d start this new way of blogging on the first day  of the New Year, but turns out that wasn’t the case.
To my surprise I wasn’t mentally ready to write each and every day, like I thought I was.
What I found out was, I needed to think.
I needed to seriously sit down and think. I needed to reflect on what was going on in my life and all of the thoughts swirling around in my head.
Like most people, seems I have plenty going on. Most of which will make pretty interesting blog posts and discussions.
So, I’m finally organized (which turns out, is KEY!) and I’ve set an agenda for my blogging, as well as for my other writings.

Up first: open letters. Since “open letters” are all the rage, I might as well share a few of mines. I have some penned to my daughters, my sons, the deadbeat dads, my own fabulous mom and dad, fake friends…..just to name a few. This oughta be real interesting, eh?
I’m really looking forward to sharing my undefined, variety filled blog with all of you this year…..and  for many more years to come!


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Post a Day Slip

Well, my challenge to make a blog post each day this year has gone down the drain. Only seven days into the new year and ka-poot! I failed to make my post yesterday because of several reasons. I’ve been dealing with issues involving my oldest son, decisions have to be made in regards to our living situation, and I just wanted to sit amongst my girlfriends and chitchat for a spell. Once I came home and did all of my “mommy duties” (cooking, cleaning, talking to and spending time with the children) and Skyping with folks, time had gotten away from me, and it’d turned into the next day! So the post I intended for yesterday, I’ll make it in the very near future!

Even though I didn’t complete the initial challenge that I’d set for myself, still I feel good about my yesterday. I figured out what I’m going to do with the oldest boy (THANK GOD, for that). I solved my housing fiasco and I gained some great blogging topics by way of talking with my girlfriends! These are the things that I told myself when I realized that I’d failed my challenge (I needed to feel better about myself, more than I needed to feel like a blog failure….sue me!). I also convinced myself that it was okay because I’m a single mom and I’m expected to get distracted and off course (yeah, I really poured it on)!!!

But anywho?!? Here’s to continuing forward with the interrupted post a day blog challenge for myself!

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My Daily Post Challenge

Wow! This is not starting out as I’d planned it! I just wrote a post and tried to post it when an error ocurred. Now where is my post? Hecks if I know! Let’s try this again…..

I’ve searched high and low for a  2012 Post a Day Challenge, but I couldn’t find one that I wanted to participate in. So I challenged myself to make a post each and every single day of this year (well, starting from today!) to my blog. When I first started my blog I wanted to share my life, our lives, with the world. I really do have an amazing life, with amazing children, family and so many new friends– I have many ups, I’ve had my downs and it truly does make for good reading, humor, examples and advice. My making a post a day in 2012 will get me back to my initial intentions and promise, while disciplining me to master my craft! Get your reading eyes and/or glasses ready, check your e-mail inbox (for those of you who have subscribed to my blog via e-mail) and prepare yourselves for a drastic increase of writings from me!

I am so excited to share our 2012 with all of you!

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My Toddler has taken over My Laptop!

I only have a few moments to get this post written, for my toddler has developed a new obsession with my laptop! Whenever I’m on it, no matter what she’s doing, she’ll stop it, drop it and run at her fullest toddler speed, over to me and take what she thinks is her rightful place, either on my lap or in front of my keyboard and screen (provided I’m not sitting at the island).

At first, we all thought it was so cute. I’d blush and say, “Awwwwww! She wants to be a writer like mommy!” I’d even Skype with my family back home, so they’d get to see firsthand, her complete and total obsession with being front and center of the laptop screen. We all would laugh and make a big fuss about it. Now it has become quite  VERY ANNOYING! I know I brought all of this on myself, but enough is enough already! I seriously cannot get through an entire posting without her in my lap, and having to backspace at least a thousand times (because she won’t stop adding her own input into my post or book chapters). I’m finding myself trying to sneak and utilize my laptop (while she’s preoccupied with something else). I try not to click the keys too loudly, out of fear that if she hears even the slightest of clicks, she’ll be on her speedily toddler way! I’ve also been staying up extra late, and waking even earlier just to have some alone time with my laptop, which has been truly unproductive!

Well, her she comes! She’s here tapping on the side of my leg pleading for me to pick her up! At this rate, my novel will only be a distant memory and blog posts will be infrequent….at least, until she forces my hand and I go out and buy her, her own laptop!

*Even though this obsession is a bit much….I still thinks it’s rather cute! By the way, Zayah says: i mmbgmkmgmmmg mmmgmm mmkjhfaijeojoaew =)


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Writing Hiatus….Over!


alas the self-inflicted torture of not being allowed to write is finally over and done with! Whew! My consistent readers and blog followers may have noticed my absence from the blogging world, these last few weeks, and I promise not to leave you again. Well, I went on a hiatus from writing because I’d gotten to the point where I was unfocused and I started taking it for granted. My attitude towards my gift of writing became extremely lackluster, and as a result my writing become monotone, mediocre and inconsistent. I needed time to miss it so that I could in return, begin to respect and appreciate it….again!

Opportune Day!

I chose today as my day of re-entry to the world of writing because it also marks the 35th year of my original birth. Today is the day of my initial birth, as well as my rebirth. It’s the day that I start utilizing and taking advantage of the gifts given to me. Today is the day that I start implementing the balance between being Mariann and being the mommy.  It’s the day that I stop allowing my past bad choices to hold me hostage! Today is the day that I get over it, and move on! It’s the day that I stop over thinking and over-analyzing every situation. I’m in the “second quarter” of my life and I have a huge gap to close before I reach “half time”. Today is the day that I begin enjoying all that I’ve accomplished thus far. It’s today that I’ll begin appreciating where I am, and where I’m soon to go!

….so Thankful for another chance, at getting it right!






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