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Open Letter: To My Daughters

I think it’s every mother’s dream to have a precious little daughter. We all want a daughter to dress up all pretty and comb her hair up into pigtails with the world’s prettiest bows. Each of would like to have that little girl who’ll grow up and one day be one of our closest friends. How lucky am I? I got blessed doubly — I have two of the world’s greatest girls, as my daughters.

My Two Girls!

My Two Girls!

Dear Girls,

Every day I express gratitude for both of you. I’m so proud to call myself your mother. I’ve loved each of you since the moment I learned of your existence. You two have a long lives ahead of you, still I’m extremely proud of who you are today.
My dream is for both of my girls to go out and bless the world with their strengths, charm and sheer awesomeness! Priceless traits that my parents blessed me with, I hope to continue passing onto the both of you.
I have no doubt that you two will change the world, as you’re armed with an exuberant amount of intelligence, charm, wit and brilliance.
No matter who or what comes up against you, keep your feet firmly planted and heels driven in the earth and always remember who you are, where you came from and what you’re capable of.
You are priceless prizes and nothing will ever change that! Remember to always use your powers for good (wink).

Love You Both Always,

Your Proud Mother


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8th Grade Graduation Dance

Today is the day that the festivities began for my eighth grade gal and her friends. Today  is the big eighth grade dance. They’ve been talking relentlessly about this dance since the very beginning of the school year, now it’s finally here. In fact, she and all of her friends are there right now probably dancing their little hearts out and overindulging in all of the sugary salty and carbonated refreshments.

I can’t explain how happy I am for her, for accomplishing one of her early life milestones. Though there are many more milestones left for my gal to conqueror, accomplishing any at all is worth recognizing and celebrating. So here are pics of my little big gal, soon to be high schooler on her way to the eighth grade dance!

(happy tears……from the mama….of course!)




I’m so proud of the daughter that I’m raising. Cheers to the end of the middle school years and everyone whose raising wonderful children!


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