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Don’t Second Guess It

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that raising a child, particularly through the puberty stage, is not in the least bit an easy task. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that it’s probably the most trying part of rearing a child. For the very first time today, I realized the importance of having friends or a friend in your life.

After reading something that my teenage son posted online, I was quite annoyed, disappointed and irritated. I had quickly jumped to the irrational decision of writing him off. I’d convinced myself that he was no longer my issue and that I wasn’t about to invest any more energy in him. Without washing my hands of him, I was washing my hands of him.  It was one of my latest and bestest girlfriends that talked me out of my plan via text messages.

In between fulfilling her work obligations, she texted me messages of encouragement; telling me not to give up, telling me that he’s going through a phase; don’t write him off; trust what you instilled in him to prevail in the end; most importantly, don’t second guess yourself and the foundation that you set.

Reading those change the course of my day, the course of my thoughts and the course of my perspectives.  I read them over and over again. It was just what I needed to read. It also prepared me to have a “sit down” with the boy as soon as he walked in from school.

So, that’s my exact advice for any of mother, father or child-rearer. Don’t second guess all that you’ve instilled in your child/children. In the end, all of your work will pay off. Nothing that you’re doing is in vain.

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Still No Twitter Button?

Adding a “Follow Me on Twitter” button has proven to be the most difficult task this side of tarnation for me! I have read all of the support sites, which try to walk you step-by-step on how to add the dang blasted button and still NOTHING! Well, I take that back. There has been something, just not the something that I’ve been trying to get! I want the cute little moving bird widget or something just as cute, but all that I’m getting is part of the code that I copied to show up.

I won’t let this discourage me. I will continue to revamp this blog and make it as fancy as everyone elses. I am determined! For now I’ll just move onto something else and come back to adding the Twitter button later! Any suggestions as to what I should include in my blog?

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