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8th Grade Graduation Dance

Today is the day that the festivities began for my eighth grade gal and her friends. Today  is the big eighth grade dance. They’ve been talking relentlessly about this dance since the very beginning of the school year, now it’s finally here. In fact, she and all of her friends are there right now probably dancing their little hearts out and overindulging in all of the sugary salty and carbonated refreshments.

I can’t explain how happy I am for her, for accomplishing one of her early life milestones. Though there are many more milestones left for my gal to conqueror, accomplishing any at all is worth recognizing and celebrating. So here are pics of my little big gal, soon to be high schooler on her way to the eighth grade dance!

(happy tears……from the mama….of course!)




I’m so proud of the daughter that I’m raising. Cheers to the end of the middle school years and everyone whose raising wonderful children!


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Swim Test

Guess who has successfully mastered level 1 of swimming……



My BOY!!!! That’s who!

Level 2 had better watch out, ’cause he’s coming after you next!

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