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Happiness is My Passion


Happiness is my passion.

Happiness is what I’m most passionate about.

It took me 35 years of living to make this conclusion. I thought I was passionate about other things and something else, until just last week. It was then, that I read an email from the author of The Secret, Rhonda Bryne, and she explained that you have to fuel your positive passion. Whatever you’re most passionate about, then that’s what’s going to readily show up in your daily life.

After doing some serious pondering and thinking, I was able to strongly conclude that nothing is more important to me than my happiness and the happiness of my children.

Being happy is at the forefront of my every thought and every single one of my actions. Living a happy life and exuding happiness from my being is so important to me.  Instead of passionately focusing on what I don’t like or want, I take all of my energy to fuel my passion of happiness. I fill my day up with affirmations about happiness, and I even go out of my way to feel extremely happy throughout the day.

It’s easy to lose focus on what your passion is, once you become a parent. Suddenly, everything becomes about the children, the family, the house, the jobs, the cars, your mate, etc. Taking time out to embrace your passion is beneficial to everyone and everything around you. It doesn’t take long before things to become centered and ran more efficiently. The question that I pose is this: What is your passion?

Being HAPPY is mines!


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Are You Living?

I’m no expert, but there are just certain things that I know, and there are just certain things that make sense. With that being said, “You are who you want to be!” If you’re in a bad place, then that’s where you’re choosing to be! If you’re happy, then you choose to be there! If you’re a victim, then that’s who you want to be! People who are fuel, they fuel their happiness with things and/or beings that make them happy! This applies to what and whom ever! I always say, give Life to the things that you want, while smothering the things that you don’t! Focus your thoughts on what you want, give no life, no thought to want you don’t want!
What brought about this post? Well, I was just showing some love to the blogs that I’m subscribed to, and one in particular focuses an exuberant amount of time on grieving, being sad, death, sickness and all that jazz, and after reading all the different titles made by this blogger it just did something to my spirit! My spirit required that I rebuke all of those lifeless and unhappy things. Then it came to me, that this is how way too many think and “live” their lives! I want to be informative because I’m sure someone can you this bit of advice!
P.S. Don’t get me wrong. Death is real, it’s permanent, it’s sad and I’m not saying to grieve when death presents itself in your life. I’m just advising that you don’t let it consume you. Don’t allow it to strip you of your life, here on earth. Do your loved ones that aren’t here a favor, LIVE! Live for yourself and live for them (if that’s even possible). Don’t make your life all about their death! Remember them and their good! That’s what you want to give life to….not their death!
PEACE and many, many Blessings!

Good thing about the Living is that you have another opportunity!

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